Marital Bliss Is a Ladies ‘Only’ Department, Or So Say The Customs

For a moment forget how fasting can help in getting a couple happy and peaceful matrimony, but the question is how come it is only one person in the equation who is supposed to not sleep and eat to get that.


What Will Break If a Widow Eats That Forbidden Food?

Last week we, the mister and the missus, went mart hopping and landed in HyperCity. Being the foodie that he is and lover of exotica, the mister had his eyes of banana flowers. Though he had his doubts about – isn’t it too much work to cut these? I reminded him, we have a house…

Are The Rains As Lovely When You Have A Plastic Sheet For A Roof?

I have always loved monsoons. They even have a name for the likes of me – Pluviophiles. Lovers of Rain. When I got a campus placement and first came to Mumbai and the monsoons started, it was like being in an imaginative world. A watery, windy dream world. I loved walking back home, under my…

Is India’s Fourth Estate Forgetting Its Role?

I had stopped watching news channels quite a while back and I have a fair enough reason, I can claim. The thing is I could not find news on them! And what good is a news channel, if one cannot find real, honest news on it. What I found was opinions. The news channels never…

Is The Establishment Headed Towards Ascendancy or Anti-Climax?

In the past few weeks, this country has borne witness to the kind of violence that should not exist in 2017 in a civil society! It is primal. It ¬†is beyond human civility. And most importantly it is beyond basic rationale. India is witnessing a rise in mob violence and mob lynchings for an ideology…

What Obese Kids Point Out About Parenting

Many children I see in malls, airports, railway stations, roads, parks and all over the place. One common factor in 95% kids around are Obese. Does this pose a serious question on parenting?

Kingdom of Ironies or Hypocrites?

Young boys and girls are taught she is the epitome of art. They are taught to be like her, achieving the pinnacle. And then when young girls form a band and want to give the gift of music to anyone with a soul, the religious gatekeepers ban them.