Dear Society, What Breaks If A Leftie Eats With The Left Hand?

How many left handers do you know who are 100% lefties?

Which means how many of them are free to use their left hand like right handers use their right ones. For eating, shaking hands, participating in asupicious rituals, etc. How many?

In a society that wants to create clones out of an entire generaation and has been doing so for generations, it isn’t a surprise that it does not want a natural inclination to interfere in its norms.

Right is auspicious and left isn’t, or so says the society.

My better half says that his throwing arm is the left one. I often ask him, why he doesn’t use his stronger arm to write, eat, etc. Why is he a rightie when his  stronger arm is the left one? He says I don’t know…I was taught to use the right. That’s what it is!

Social norms interfere in the natural flow of human behavior and make us creatures of habits rather than creatures of instincts, as nature had programmed us to be. Possibly why this country has banned the very natural sexual orientation of homosexuality. Because it stands for something not considered right by the society. Something like eating with the left hand.

I have some friends who are way more lefties than my better half. They write, throw, bat even punch with their left hands but eat with the right one. Reason? The society ordrains that we eat with the right.

You would ask, seriously? Yes seriously.

The society tells us what to do, how to do, when to do and most importantly what not to do. No reason given. Just norms, and strict ones. Try deviating and you will be termed anti-social or worse still these days it could even be anti-national!

It is Left Handers Day today and I want to say this – Dear society, calm down and just be. And let be. It is okay to eat with right or left hand, as long as the hand is clean. It is is okay to use the left hand in religious ceremonies, the gods will not throw a thunder bolt down. It is okay to shake hands with a right hander with a the left hand and that’s not being anti-social. That’s just following instincts. And it is perfectly normal and safe!


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  1. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


  2. Hey keep posting such sensible and significant articles.


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