To My First Unforgettable Friend…


Do you remember the first friend you had in your life? Yes, let’s dig into that very early memory from your life.

I do remember my first friend and yes it indeed is a very early memory. I was 3 years old, I guess. The thing is most will hardly have any memories from those early years in life except a few very prominent ones. I am like most. I have very few memories from that early in life. But a curly haired boy with a kind, amused smile is one of them. One of the prominent memories from my childhood.

Chinna Bhaiya!

The most interesting part of all this is that I still don’t know his official name. I just know him as Chinna Bhaiya because his mom called him Chinna. That’s because he was the younger of the two brothers and Chinna means younger one in Telugu! Amusingly I know Chinna Bhaiya’s elder brother’s name yet it was the younger brother who was my first friend in life.

The one who always saved me from the bully big brother. Not that the big B was cruel but at 3 years even little bullying means such stress but Chinna Bhaiya was the saviour. He was the one who always stood up for me and to think he stood up to his elder brother! I understand the significance of what he did back then, more now. The kind little boy…with an amusing smile 🙂

He was kind then…he is grown even more kinder now. Years went by. We went though school, colleges, jobs, new friends, responsibilities, different cities and much more. We rarely got to meet after those initial years.

Just knew some landmarks in our individual lives while they happened to the other.

Life went by. Years went by. And then it was my wedding day and guess who stood there at the temple, sending my way the first congratulations…Chinna Bhaiya! The first picture that RV and I have with a guest is with my first friend, his mom and dad. He had come all the at from Hyderabad to Bhopal to attend a wedding that was on a Monday!

I don’t have words for what he did. I know a box full of Thank You’s won’t suffice. On this friendship day, I want to say it was such a heavenly feeling to see you there at the temple. And as usual smiling. 🙂

I wish we be in more touch now than we ever have been. Now that there are so many modes to stay in touch, it will be a pity if we didn’t. I don’t know if you would like to stay friends with this little writer girl but I would love to stay friends with that kind, curly haired boy who stood up for me. And still does.

Can’t wait to see you again, Chinna Bhaiya.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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