Egg Scramble: Quick Fix Food

Breakfast like a king , the dieticians advise. 

But I get up just 45 minutes before I have to leave for office, what then?

We got you covered. Something made of 2 eggs would definitely qualify for a king sized breakfast. Its quick fix and its sexy. Not to mention your protein intake is covered too.

So, let’s go:

You will need:

2 Eggs
2 pinch – Black Pepper
2 tsp – Milk
Salt to taste

Plug in your iPod and here we go:

Break both the eggs into a bowl


Add the milk, black pepper and salt to the bowl. Raw or boiled milk both are alright.


Whisk the eggs well to form a smooth bater. The softness of your scramble will depend on how smoothly you have whisked your eggs into. Make sure there are no lumps.

Put a non-stick pan on the stove. Spray little oil on it and let the pan heat up. Meanwhile, use the time to whisk your eggs.


Pour the eggs into the pan. Don’t move it for a half a minute.


After half a minute, before the upper side starts cooking, fluff the eggs with a fork or spatula.


Move the scramble around for a 2 minutes, till it looks cooked.Eggs get cooked real fast.


Tadaa! Your king sized breakfast is ready. Shift the scramble out into a plate. You can have it with your coffee/ juice or combine it with some carbs (bread) and make it the perfectly balanced breakfast.


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