Vermicelli Upma: Healthy & Easy

One of my favourite breakfast’s these days and all the days, since I started working out 2 years back .

Vermicelli Upma is not something I have a childhood memory of. Mom never made it. The only thing that mom made of vermicelli was what we called Seymia Payasam(Vermicelli Pudding). So I do take the credit of teaching mom to make this one because she keeps insisting that she wants to reduce her tummy 😀 (though I think my mom is perfect!)

I started woking out religiously in 2014 and that was when I started watching what I ate and taking Rujuta Diwekar‘s book Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight seriously. While on the hunt for healthy, carb filled and not so boring breakfasts I started making Daliya Upma. I used to take it to office as brunch too (because I was religiously following the small meals, every 2 hours routine.) That’s when one of my colleagues suggested that the same can me made with vermicelli too.

I tried it the next day. And there after the daliya has always got step motherly treatment 😀

Vermicelli Upma is easy to make and awesome carbs. Fill it with veggies and it is your ideal breakfast of carbs and fibres. Here I take you on a photo journey of how to make this real quick and nutritious breakfast:


Tada! Our lovely lady is ready.

I like my upma white so I did not add turmeric power. You can, after you toss the veggies into the oil. Or if you prefer some more veggies and some more colour your can try beetroot too 😉

It makes for a nice blushing vermicelli upma

Though my favourite combo with Vermicelli Upma is mango or mixed pickle, I tried Haldiram’s Bhujia Sev and Bhakarwadi. The mild spicy bhujia with the slightly sweet bhakarwadi and the hot upma was a good combi.

Do try this healthy and easy breakfast. I am told it is also an excellent way of getting kids to eat some veggies.

By the way don’t just restrict it to breakfast, I many times even have it as a evening munch or even dinner.

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