Wonder Mix: A Healthier Brunch

Who doesn’t want to look sexy in that one piece. Or panache in that awesome waist coat. But a paunch, however little, will marr the look completely.

The age old mantra to stay fit, which even modern nutritionists swear by, is eat small and eat every two hours. The idea is to keep your internal machinery working as much as possible and not give it rest for too long. This automatically uses any excess in the body while shooting the metabolism rate through the roof. So while all of us health watchers make sure that we have a healthy breakfast, nutritious lunch and balanced dinner, we often tend to ignore the in-betweens – The Brunch. With a high metabolism, we tend to get hungry between meals and when that happens we just want to put something into the gut. And often it is something that the health charts may mot approve of, because those are exactly the items which are available readily around our offices, that our palate finds yummy and our gut hates.

I have a solution to this. I used to do this when I was working and now that I am self employed I definitely do this. A brunch that is healthy. Luckily, the gut and palate both are in agreement on this one. Though you won’t get it around your office, you’ll need to carry it. But home food is healthy, remember?

And who says home and healthy good should be sad looking 😀

Let’s get rid of that little paunch peeking out with this healthy Brunch recepie. Easy and effective.

You will need:
1 fresh Cucumber
1 fresh Tomato
100 gm curd
1 tsb black pepper
Salt (to taste)

Finely chop the cucumber and tomato. You can add any vegetable that you like eating raw. Carrot, onion, beetroot….anything. I prefer these basic salad items because both of them are high on water content and at 11.30 a.m. I concentrate on keeping myself hydrated with things other than water too.

Add curd, black pepper and salt to this mixture and mix well. I prefer to mix well till some of the colour of tomato starts coming into the curd. I love the mixed taste of the tanginess of the tomato, the slight sour of the curd and the mild spice of the black pepper. I don’t eat spicy at all so the black pepper; all you spice lovers you can adorn your wonder mix with a green chilly too.

Here is the wonder mix, which is a tasty and healthy brunch and prepares your gut for a heavy lunch if you may want to have one

I used to carry the cut veggies in one box and the curd in another box when I used to carry them to office, because I am a bit picky about curd. You can mix them and take, if you aren’t. Just give it a stir before you eat to settle the water that may come up.

This is a brunch but if you don’t tend to catch cold owing to curd consumption at night this will make for a tasty dinner too. After I shifted to Bangalore this has been more of a dinner than a brunch for me. 😉

This post was first published on fotajunction.wordpress.com and is being re-blogged here.


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