Do You Believe In Coincidences?

Do you believe in coincidences. I don’t. Definitely didn’t, at least. I don’t know now. Maybe. Maybe not. But then questioning our beliefs all the time is life’s favourite pass time.

“I have only two wishes left in life. I want to see my first grandson’s child and first granddaughter’s marriage.”

This was my maternal grandmother’s answer every time we asked her what else she wanted in life. Even as her health deteriorated and she was bed ridden, the answer did not change. This little incident, that I am going to share, happened at the start of this year but this keeps popping up in the family conversations possibly because of the freakish way it happened, I guess.

1st January was when, my then prospective husband, RV and me had officially met. He had come home with his best friend and met up with my family. It was a go ahead from his side and we were convinced to take this to the next level; that is parents would meet up to decide the dates and the ceremonies.

Next day, after speaking with RV’s family, my mother wanted to share the happy news with her mother. She called up her eldest sister, with whom grandmother stayed. Coincidently, my aunt was in the temple when my mother called and my mother’s youngest sister was with grandmother while the elder one visited the temple. My mother gave my elder aunt a gist of the earlier day’s events and hung up quickly. But my aunt was so elated at the news that she chucked her prayers for the time being and called up the younger sister and gave her the news.

It seemed like a day of elations.

My youngest aunt immediately relayed the news to my grandmother. Grandmother by then was steadily deteriorating and was hardly eating or speaking. But as my aunt told her the news of my marriage getting fixed, she opened her eyes slowly and a drop of tear rolled down her left eye. She did not say anything or or even attempt to. It was just that one lone tear down the bony cheek. And then she closed her eyes again.

Before that, end of November last year, my eldest cousin brother was blessed with a lovely baby girl. Grandmother was bedridden by then and in a bad shape, health wise. Though she could not hold the child, she was told about the birth. She had responded with a happy-surprise smile. 🙂

Next day, 3rd January by eight in the morning we got the news that my grandmother has bid goodbye the world.

My grandmother was just bones and skin when she died and she had been like that for a couple of months. Since her death, I have often wondered, can someone hold on to their life and not release their soul at will? Was it a coincidence that she died immediately the next day after hearing the news of my wedding? Her words come back, “I have only two wishes left in life. I want to see my first grandson’s child and first granddaughter’s marriage.”

One of the greatest minds of our times says this, but…

I have always believed in the rationale. In the tangible. I have always believed that things happen when action is taken. That everything in this world is a reaction to an action. But how do you give up your life, just lying there on a cot, as soon as your last wish came true. It is freakish and nearly out of the world. I am still looking for that action that propelled this reaction. I am still trying to give a scientific explanation to this. But I am also still questioning, do coincidences exist?

Like I said questioning our beliefs all the time is life’s favourite pass time.

I would definitely love to know your views on this in the comments section.

This post is part of A to Z Challenge I am doing on this blog for this month. The word for the next post is Drawback. You can also join the fun and find some writing inspiration, if you are looking for some. 🙂 At the end of each blog post of this challenge, I will share the word for the next post. You are free to use the word and write a post on your blog. Drop the link. I would love to read it. If will also share it, if I love it.

You can read all the posts of the A to Z challenge HERE.


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