Is The Establishment Headed Towards Ascendancy or Anti-Climax?

In the past few weeks, this country has borne witness to the kind of violence that should not exist in 2017 in a civil society! It is primal. It  is beyond human civility. And most importantly it is beyond basic rationale.

India is witnessing a rise in mob violence and mob lynchings for an ideology that the ruling administration has been feeding the gullible. The majority has bought into it and adopted it like that is what they have always believed in (or maybe they did and are just being vocal about it now. Maybe?) This mob that is resorting to violence at the slightest deviation from their ideology is fast becoming an animal from an experiment gone wrong. A power that was unleashed to control the gullible, to stay in power…but is fast turning into a monster, the tamability of which is questionable.

Is the monster straying away from the master?

Monsters are unique creatures. Very beneficial as long as you can control them. Mob violence comes from harnessing crowd psychology to your own benefit. The current administration has used Religion – the opium of the masses – to harness crowd psychology and use it to their benefit. Fair enough. Politics is all about the power you can wield. But does the establishment still has the power to control the monster they have created?

With the PM speaking against the lynchings and asking his countrymen to not be violent about the ideology his cronies and establishment tediously injected into the psyche of a tolerant society, the ruling establishment is at the juncture of ascendancy or anti-climax now. What will it be?   

If the mob violences come down, it would mean people listen to him. He has the ultimate power one can wield in a democracy. It can be firmly established that, his monster is tamable and he has it by the lesh. But if it doesn’t, it would mean he is powerless. That the monster has no master now and we as a nation should get ready to bear witness to unprecedented, irrational and inhuman terror. And monsters do not own the power to  distinguish. They simply slay!

I don’t know which is a good situation. If you ask me, neither. Neither is a good situation for a nation that wants peace, progress and parity. It is a wait and watch for the rational citizens of this nation. Sad, right? The rationals have to wait to watch if the irrationals can listen to an irrational voice and behave rationally!

Ascendancy or Anti-Climax…wait and watch. This is the joke our country is being turned into.

Protest against lynching

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