Hello, 2017!

The first day of year 2017 🙂 A big hello to all my readers here.

I had meant to write a blog on reflections on the year that was 2016 but work kept me away and here we are. Though in hindsight, 2016 would have been very difficult to reflect on in totality! When the year was beginning I had this feeling that this year would turn around a lot of things. And yes, it did. The year that began with lots of dreams and hopes, saw most of them coming down and shattering into a million pieces. At the same time it also saw the realisation of some long lost, forgotten ideas. Some new ones too. It taught me survival, strength and struggle. Most importantly it showed me some real friends.

Today as I begin a new year and I am sure another milestone year in my life, I do have a few resolutions. No, I am not stating them all here but I can’t help myself from talking about one of them.

End of 2016 taught me that getting an idea is never the problem. Ways of making money is never the problem. Infact there could be so many ideas that it is too easy to get lost in the jumble of ideas. And that is the real waste of time.

I started a venture around the mid of 2016. A content writing studio. It was meant to be a supportive income and not take a lot of my time. But guess what happened? By December 2016, we had 4 clients onboard and 7 out of the 10 points on my to-do-list involved work concerning the content studio. Editing took a back seat. Writing went into the negligible category. Reading went into the hardly category. Book reviews went into the rarely category. Blogging came to a stand still. Even thetalespensieve.com‘s digital marketing campaigns started taking a hit. Now you see what I meant by saying that it is too easy to get lost. Though thankfully it didn’t take me too long to realise that I quit my job for a reason and I was no longer paying attention to that reason.

One of my strongest lessons from 2016 is 


I realised, stories have always been the true love of my life, but 2016 saw a fluctuation in my attention towards my love. I have promised myself to get back to them, in the form that I always wanted to. As a reader. As a writer. And as an editor. Yes, the content studio was my brain child. But some sacrifices are worth the world. I have decided to pass on that  child to the brother 🙂

I hope I am back from the flirting around with ideas and hope to make way for more stories in 2017. Both from my pen as well as delve more into the ones from others.


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