Kingdom of Ironies or Hypocrites?

Do you know when a guy has a few greys, how do our people react?
That Salt & Pepper look suits you, btw.

…and do you know when a girl has a few greys, how do our people react?
Why don’t you dye that, it looks so horrible. Don’t worry about any hair damage, just hide it.

Yes sir, welcome to India. It does not end here, here is something that women in India face on a regular basis.



A naked goddess (Kali) is worshiped with feverish austerity and some dolts in the country go berserk if a woman’s cleavage peeks from a dress she was wearing. It is national headlines! Forget the actress, let a common girl go about wearing a short skirt or a halter neck top. She is worshipped with the graze of lust, at the minimum and the maximum? Well the rape and molestation cases are a dime-a-dozen.


Goddess Saraswati is worshipped all over India as the goddess of knowledge and art. Young boys and girls are taught she is the epitome of art. They are taught to be like her, achieving the pinnacle. And then when young girls form a band and want to give the gift of music to anyone with a soul, the religious gatekeepers ban them. Girls don’t need to art the way!


The vedas have a goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure – Goddess Rati. She is also the consort of the god of Love. But a woman talking about sexual desires and sex in India is in very clear terms available and asking for it!


India has a goddess of wine called Varuni but condemns women who drink. And god forbid if they drink in the company of men! I know a friend who thinks that if a women can drink in the company of men, she can do anything! For him a woman drinking is the last gate to her chastity and thereafter it is an open house.


Wasn’t goddess Parvati ambitious when she said she will only marry Lord Shiva. A god and a hermit at that! India cheered for her while watching Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. Why then is an average Indian girl made to take up the 16-mondays fast just like the goddess and counselled to marry the first prospective-groom who comes along. Because marriage is all about compromise and adjustments, the wise words come up. Why is she made to have no ambition, in life and in career?

Why the two faces India?

Why worship the female form when you cannot respect the manifestation in flesh & blood? You really want the goddess to bless you? Worship the goddess in your life. Don’t subject her to physical, mental or emotional abuse or even indifference. And watch her flower into the goddess who will gift you nothing less than heaven.

Do you know how a volcano works? It is basically just pent up frustration of a patient phenomenon. Did I just equate earth and women. Well, so do the vedas.


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