Blogging Challenge: 100 Days of Blogging

Ever since I started writing on this blog, that is February 2016, I have had plans to be regular with blogging. I wanted to write at least 1 blog every 2 days. I love to blog; it is truly therapeutic, in the truest sense. I love the idea of free flowing words, the idea of sharing my thoughts with everyone who wants to read and the the general idea of simply writing. But truth be told I have hardly blogged in the past 4 months. I have only saved topics in the drafts to be written at some time in future, many of which I have even forgotten what did I save them.

But yesterday evening, I finally managed to move the procrastinator monster and managed a blog. And when a Dhivya Balaji read that, she shared an idea that they have been discussing on a blogger’s group. Someone in the group realised that starting today there are just 100 days left for 2016 to end. They too were going through the same not-blogging-enough phase that I was. They wanted to do something to re-discover the blogger in them. So some of them decided to write a-blog-a-day till 31st December 2016. That is 100 blog posts in 100 days!

She asked me if I wanted to join in. I realised 100 days will swing away in a jiffy,in procrastination, in reading a few more books, in a couple of half written stories and it will be another year gone by. And in all probability it will be a year gone by with hardly any blogging.

On an impulse, on the high of just having written a blog, I told her, “I am in.

So I have decided to be what I started out as – A Blogger. Starting today, I will be writing one blog post everyday till 31st December. I don’t have a pre-decided theme to write on, unlike some of my friends taking up this challenge have. I will be writing on my observations, perceptions and life in general, like I always do here. But yes I will be writing. This is the second time I am taking up a blogging challenge. The first was A to Z Blogging challenge for which I wrote on my Food & Travel blog – FoTaJunction.

And let me admit I did find it tedious to write a blog post everyday. That was 26 days this is 100 days. And on FoTa it was 4 of us writing. Here it will be just me!

I know it is no mean feat but I really want to do this. I want to be the blogger again. I want to enjoy the joy and thrill of free flowing words again. I know I have procrastinated beyond my allowed allowance and its time for the writer to resurface.

I hope you will read.


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