Before A for Apple, Teach How The Apple Came Home

The other day, I and a friend went to ISKON, Bangalore and later took a stroll to the exit side of Orion Mall, nearby. While I was mesmerised by the gigantic concrete structure of World Trade Tower, I saw her clicking pictures of a tree which stood a bit farther from us. She told me she loved clicking photographs of trees whenever possible. That is when I took the surroundings in.

There a small pond between the World Trade Tower and Orion Mall. Though there was a warning about not venturing into the pond, as the pond was supposedly deep, there was hardly a couple of feet deep water visible there. From the place where we stood there was the huge Orion Mall behind us, the gigantic World Trade Tower on the left and a row of multi floored apartments on the right. But there was hardly any water in the deep pond, very few trees around and even those tress looked so dull and bored. All around whatever was beautiful was concrete. There was no nature around. And it was all hot.

In April beginning, we are touching 38 degrees while the terribly bad in summers Chennai is at 33 degrees! My friend, a Bangalorean, was saying, “Everyone says oh the weather of Bangalore is no more good. How is it supposed to be good when you keep cutting down trees and don’t plant any?” She ranted more, “You know what? They say outsiders have come and spoiled Bangalore. I say no. The politicians have spoiled Bangalore. They have and are bringing disaster to my city. The fools keep granting permission to cut down trees but take no initiative to plant more. Where do they think the oxygen going to come from?

She is right. The concrete, the glass, the aluminium cannot give out oxygen, right? The ones that can give are been cut down for reason and no reason, without any replacement measures. And it is not just Bangalore or the metros, watch this video:

A pond in Nashik, Maharashtra, which had not dried up ever in its history has dried up completely. So much, that kids are playing cricket where the pond used to be…once.

Not just these, there are hundreds of places all over where the human damage to nature is glaring in our faces but we in our lofty air conditioned, glass tinted, concrete constructed offices and homes are ignoring these signs and just book a ticket to a Goa or an Ooty whenever we need nature!

When you see the video above, it is so evident that people are more concerned that the religious rituals could not be performed because of non-availability of water than the fact that water has dried up! That was our earlier generation. Honestly they hardly cared for nature, maybe they never were taught to. And they hardly taught us too. But thankfully television and internet taught our generation many things that our parents didn’t and couldn’t. But our kids, we not just have a chance to teach them but also a need to. That could possibly be the best legacy we may be able to leave for the future generations.

What I am going to be teaching my kids about being empathetic and saving nature is making it a part of their existence. I plan to make my kids read right from the time they can. I want books to be part of their existence. Similarly, right from the age when my kiddo is able to stand on her feet and walk around I am going to get her a small pot with a little plant for her. Maybe a 10’o clock plant. Easy to nurture and beautiful with its flowers. I would like her to experience the joy of growth as her plants grow, buds appear and bloom into flowers. I want her to love plants. That is the only way she would want to save nature. That is the only way when she grows some more, develops friendships and when she sees her friends nip a flower or crush a plant or kick a pot she will tell them -not to. She may get bullied or laughed at but at the end she will develop a community of nature lovers.


I may have to buy an iPad or playstation for her but before she can make those demands and is doomed to a life in front of big and small screens, I am going to take her to walks in her pram as well as well she starts to walk and run. Our walks will be in the parks and amidst nature. I want the greens to be imbibed in her brain and be part of her existence. So that even when she discovers the joys of electronic gadgets, she’ll already know a world of nature exists just outside her door. She may even like it more 🙂

With kids safety issues and parents facing time crunches owing to their own gruelling schedules, it will be an extra effort to spend time with kids amidst nature. It is so much more easier to just hand them plastic and electronic toys. But I am going to make that extra effort when the time comes. I know my kid needs it. And so does my planet.

I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for the Shortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.


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