Bangalore Diaries #4 – The House Hunt

Anyone who’s moved to the big metros knows what finding a place to rent means! It’s an adventure in itself. Mine was too. Though there wasn’t much struggle in finding a place, this episode is more about friendships, concerns and perspectives.

It’s going to be a week since I came to Bangalore. How quickly the days flew by. Attended #SURGE Conference 2016, sent out some job applications to hospitals (8.6 years experience in hospital administration. That’s me!), sent out some emails as a pitch for healthcare content writing, chatted endlessly with a couple of friends about how despair was taking over some of my days and boom!…the week was gone. I am putting up at my college junior’s place since I came here but of course I need to move out.

A heaviness of heart and a feeling of being all alone to manage life did zoom down on me while I logged into and Flat & Flatmates (Bangalore) group on FB, but then I do have such mood swings time & again. And anyways no one forced me to, it was my decision to change my life on to this track. I was the one who wanted to chase my dreams;  and I managed to pull myself out of the self loathing telling myself that I was where I wanted to be. And to continue to be here I needed two things – a source of income and a home to stay. The former I was trying to get, the later is what happened first.

Even before coming here, while in Bhopal only, I knew that no more Hostels & PGs for me now. I had lived 10 and a half years of my life in hostels and PGs and I was done with them for this lifetime. As I told my junior and current flatmate, “I have outgrown the concept of hostels/ PGs, yaar. I can’t share space with others anymore.” I was looking for a single room in an apartment with other tenants. Though I like being alone while I am writing, I also like people around me when I am not. And since I did not have an office, the whole of the city was like open to me. I could try and find a place to stay just anywhere in the whole wide Bangalore but I figured out, since I do not own a vehicle, to commute easily I needed to be in a place which is well connected as well. And ya I was looking for something within 10k, considering that I still had no idea how was I going to pay the rent and had pegged my monthly expenses at 15k max! So with these criteria’s in mind the house hunt began on Thursday.

While had many leads in the areas I was looking for, the FB group did not yield many leads in accordance with my criteria, except one near Ulsoor Metro Station. I began making calls/ writing emails to the ones from, but the thing was that while there were many leads most of them were cold – the room was already taken but the advertisements were never closed. Typical case of kaam nikal gaya aab apney ko kya karna.  Sigh! This went on & the despair kept mounting. Though there wasn’t much to despair about; I mean there wasn’t any mandate that I had to shift out by a particular date but that’s me. If I want to do something, I want to do it now.

Finally, I got a call on Friday night. From a Sireesha in Hyderabad. She was the ex-tenant of a place in Koramangala and she was the one who placed an advert that I had responded to. So we spoke but I figured out that the place was small though she kept insisting that I should go and see the place and see if it works for me. And I had made up my mind that I am not going! She shared her ex and the current tenant’s number for me to go and visit the place. Since I had no intention of visiting the place I did not not save the number of Gunjan. Though I was confused about one thing. 80% of the calls I had made, the number belonged to the person who had shifted out of the place! Going by Indian psychology, I could not figure out why would an ex-tenant try to find her replacement in an apartment? A few cases I can write off as a good samaritan deed or friendship but this was not few cases. And it baffled me to no end.

Saturday again, I made a lot of calls. All went cold. The despair was again mounting but then today it was still okay, it wasn’t swinging my mood down. Finally by evening I found the post for the place near Ulsoor Metro Station on the FB group. The call was made and it was fixed that I can go and visit the place the next day – Sunday. Now after some time, my phone ran. Gunjan Calling. Since I had made so many calls by this time, I had forgotten the who and how of all names. I took the call. The girl spoke well and insisted that I come and visit the place in Koramangala and then decide. She sounded good to talk to, so I told her that I’ll come the next day. So much for making up my mind about not going!

So next day was to be a long day. Sunday date with BMTC buses. Horamavu to Silk Board. Silk Board to Madiwala. Madiwala to Koramangala. Koramangala to Brigade Road. Brigade Road to Ulsoor. Ulsoor to Tin Factory. Tin Factory to Horamavu.

Now you know why I wanted to stay at a well connected place. Phew!

Which one did I like – Koramangala or Ulsoor – and what was the drama that ensued…Find out in Bangalore Diaries #5. Till then read the whole series till now in Bangalore Diaries.

Happy Reading 🙂


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