Writing Therapy – Logophile Way!

(This post is from a blog I had started lats year called ‘wordsofalogophile’, but I never wrote another post there. Thought of starting this blog with that post)

I love words! Have always. They have always been around even when none were. If I don’t go to them, they come to me. In the form of characters from my story books, diary grumblings, the teenage poetry steak or even serious fiction writing. Words always came to me…bus, train, hostel, home…just anywhere. TheTalesPensieve.com (TTP) was only an extension of that love for words. With TTP they mostly came as book reviews.

But then they stopped coming!

Book blogger of one of the top book blogs in the country but the book reviews were not coming. The review copies were flowing in and I read. But when it was time to write the book review all I wanted to do was pick up another book and read. Some type of a blogger’s block had set in. This went on and on….a year and some months and I mostly blamed it on my laziness 😉

WordsBut this last week I, albeit sadly but, realized that book reviews were not coming to me. And I was not writing. I was bluffing myself when I signed my emails as ‘writer’. I was definite the blogger in me had taken a VRS and is not coming back. This drove me to the higher realms of frustration. It wasn’t about book reviews…It was about that pressure that came from seeing so many review copies and pending reviews. It was about wanting to read many different books but being forced to read different ones because you are a book blogger and you receive free review copies.  It was about wanting to put the characters in your head into a story but being so wrapped in the reading process that writing was not happening at all. And most importantly it was about the words deserting me. It was about not being able to write at all. And even more it was about losing the motivation to write. I think I had lost the real reason why I started blogging – It was for the love of the words and the release that expression gave.

So I decided to not review books any more, to not blog just read. So that I re-find my mojo. I hoped the reader to find the writer in me, as always. It had worked in the past, I hoped this time too. But twist! Nothing’s easy…not even giving up something.

Enters Blogger friend Leo! He is adamant to not let me retire. He just won’t let me go back to being only a reader. And he throws in an idea:

Let TTP be what it is. It’s reputation will never let you be you. Find you. Start another blog. Don’t bother about the theme. Don’t bother about the contact form. Just write!

logophileAnd if you know Leo, he won’t let his friends live peacefully especially if he thinks they are doing something unacceptable (by his standards). So here we are, after many a name suggestions to-and-fro for a couple of hours on gTalkhe throws in this word – Logophile, which he says means a lover of words. I didn’t ask him why he suggested this word to me but I liked the sound of it. I liked the sound of Words of a Lover of Words. Touches a chord somewhere. I felt the connect 🙂

Yes I am a lover of words. I like documenting every good moment I have lived. I save sNotes on my phone about ideas I get. I save screenshots of chats that make me happy. I even put the day-by-day happy moments on post-its in a gratitude jar. I love smiling looking at these on a later day. And I do that often. Logophile.

I hope to not lose my way this time. I hope to never forget why I began writing here in the first place. It is for the love of my life. It is for my only long standing passion. It is for the love of words. It is for being a Logophile

(And that fellow whom I call my friend ‘Leo’ is still bugging me to write my debut post and has arm twisted me into treating him with a book for all his earth shattering efforts the day I step into Bangalore 😀 )


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hemangini says:

    Have fun dear 🙂


  2. ssunshine14 says:

    Nice Logophile..Great post!


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