100 Days of An Urban Romance

Each day for 100 days, I have one word and two characters. And I am going to weave a micro tale with these three, some moments from my life and some imaginations that those moments inspire.

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20. The Crossroads And Confusions

But this incident became another reason for Ma and my sister to start their favorite topic - my marriage. My sibling left no stone upturned to blame the fall on Ma's worry about my future and Ma completely capitalized on it by emphasizing how only few years remain in her life and she is going to die with many unfulfilled wishes, all thanks to my stubbornness.

19. Silly Girl, That Yogini

Okay, I know, as I am a guy that line comes out all wrong. But what do I do? What do I call someone who gets offended at the drop of the hat and gets herself into bad moods just like that. Then will work herself into being super sad, too. But then will work on her moods and come back all chirpy!

18. When Do I See The Real You

I don't really know why he tells me those stories...sometimes from his childhood, sometimes teens and sometimes very recent one. Stories that have his cousins, siblings, uncle's, aunts, friends, colleagues...sometimes even neighbors.

17. Someone Take It Away

That day, I remember, I was drifting in and out. I was at times awake but did not open my eyes or speak anything; I tried to, at times, but nothing on my face moved. And most of the time I wasn't even awake.

16. Some Days He Is A Typical Man

I think I am able to see Vishv now on some days. I am able to see the flawed man behind the facade of Mr. Super Confident - Over smart - Perfect Creation. And some days he is just another average man. A typical female body focused male specimen.

15. In Search of Some Answers

Pens, sketch pens, colours, glues, highlighters, hand made papers...and so much of them. She loved, small and colourful things. Post-its, little stick-ons, fridge magnets...she surrounded herself with them. And with books. Lots and lots of books. 

14. Why So Out of Touch?

Weirdo is weirder these days! And it troubles me that I don't know why. He is evasive and distant and unenthusiastic, like he doesn't want to let me into that part of his world.

13. Was That Me?

But who bought these? We always tell each other when we bring something for common areas. We even jump around with excitement when we bring something for our own rooms. I step forward a few more steps and then stop. This isn't our hall!

12. Sometimes Funny Is Unfunny

I asked my flatmate. It is weekend and both of us were at home today. Days when we are home, we like sitting together, sipping masala tea and chit chatting. Plain, simple, womanly chit chatting. "Sense of humour, babe."

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