My 5 Personal Favourite Life Organising Tips

Chaos is great but doesn't work for me much. Organizing and planning does. So here are 5 quick organising checkpoints I keep using again and again. I can vouch these simple things do make my life much easier than enjoying chaos would have.


5 Simple Steps To Reach Those Satisfying Life Goals

But can we achieve all that we keep adding to our to-do list? Hell, yes! Don't let anyone who tells you otherwise anywhere near you. Negativity is your and my biggest enemy to defeat in our quest to live a life that is marked with more ticks than cross outs on that to-do list.

What Is #BreakTheBox Series?

By #BreakingTheBox I hope to question the many Indian social myths for their credibility in the factual, scientific and changing world of today and hope to give my readers questions and eventually the ability to question the aisa hi hota hai.

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