We Want Your Blessings But You Are Not Welcome

My dear country, what is the use of keeping transgenders out of mainstream society but being scared of them because someone told you that their curse will bring you doom and their blessings will bring you glory?


Toe Rings on Married Indian Women – Marital status or health shortcut?

Let us for a second, assume that the sliver loops for toes do impact your menstrual and reproductive health, but do only married women need regular periods and a healthy uterus?

What Is #BreakTheBox Series?

By #BreakingTheBox I hope to question the many Indian social myths for their credibility in the factual, scientific and changing world of today and hope to give my readers questions and eventually the ability to question the aisa hi hota hai.

My Mother-In-Law Loves Her Son, Not My Husband

Though Challenge is not the C word Vinay gave me for A to Z Blogging Challenge, I think this is the that deserves to be written after Indian Bride: Journeying From The Carpet of Love To That of…?. In the last blogpost I spoke about some of the things that change for a girl when she…

Apathy: The Coffee Powder In Our Chai

The other day we, Rajesh and me, were strolling around a lake near our home and I noticed something really curious. The breeze was cool, the lake waltzed and there were many couples sitting around. Now that is not the curious something. I noticed two types of couples – one that were sitting around talking…

A Challenge To My Blogger Self, Again

Its that time of the year, again. Its April! Bloggers world over are participating in a month long blogging challenge that we all love. A to Z Challenge. But not me, this time again. Last year it was the marriage schedule, this year it is simply the schedule. I just didn’t think I can complete a…

What Is My To-Do in 2018?

I am going to be honest here, I have never made a new year resolution. So, basically I don’t have experience in breaking new year resolutions! That said, I thought let me try it in 2018. The making, that is (…and not hopefully the breaking!) And I made a list with an action plan. Yes,…

35 in 2018!

I am going to write 35 blogs till my 35th birthday. They are going to be about a lot of things – social, political, myself and the adventure called life. Talk about being excited about your own birthday 😀

7 Lessons From Krishna That Are Still Valid

This Janmashtami month, seems a good time to look into 7 life lessons from Lord Krishna’s life story that still stands valid and will do us much good to practice some or all!