Sometimes We Have Many Lifelines

So, I am back in Mumbai and settling down into the new life. The life they called ‘post marriage life’ ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Well, honestly not much has changed quite contrary to what I have been brought up to believe. Thanks to the mister, I believe. But that is for another post. One big question that many…

Hello, 2017!

The first day of year 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚ A big hello to all my readers here. I had meant to write a blog on reflections on the year that was 2016 but work kept me away and here we are. Though in hindsight, 2016 would have been very difficult to reflect on in totality! When the…

I Am A Drifter & No I Am Not Lost

This is my story and it is anything but boring. I know years later when I narrate it, this story is going to be an interesting one, you never know, maybe the most interesting one around. This is the story of a drifter who believes she is not lost.

Stubbornness Is a Gender Thing?

Be it speaking out our mind, not complying to the stereotypes or being steadfast on what we want in life, we are defined by that one word – Ahamkaari or the one who is egoistic.

What Obese Kids Point Out About Parenting

Many children I see in malls, airports, railway stations, roads, parks and all over the place. One common factor in 95% kids around are Obese. Does this pose a serious question on parenting?

Saying Yes To The Life That Choose Me

This is not a heroic tale. I did not script this and I would not have scripted it this way if I had a chance to. It happened like I said as a result of a lot of decisions which I thought were the best at that point.

Kingdom of Ironies or Hypocrites?

Young boys and girls are taught she is the epitome of art. They are taught to be like her, achieving the pinnacle. And then when young girls form a band and want to give the gift of music to anyone with a soul, the religious gatekeepers ban them.

The Thing That Is Wrong About Obsessive Parenting

A lot of parents do not know when to let go. The love is so much that the attachment levels far exceeds healthy relationship requirements and the attention levels are near obsessive. A trend much more prevalent in the current generation of parents for obvious reasons.

Dear Journalist What Are You Smoking?

After my precious 4 minutes of reading, the title of this blog is exactly what I wanted to ask him. Seriously sir, what is it that you are high on? Reads a lot like misplaced patriotism.